Hi all,

Well this time in 3 weeks I’ll be in Bali.  I’ve booked myself a little ‘sabatical’ ‘treat’ ‘time out’ for 4 nights.  It doesn’t sound like a long time but life can be so busy that I think we (I know I struggle to do this) don’t appreciate ‘time’ very well.  I’m looking forward to completely slowing down, doing my meditation, my journalling, my yoga.  It sounds funny to me that I have to fly 6 hours to do these things but I’m hopeful that in the absence of ‘life’ I may get a ahead start.  I love & adore my family & I know I need this little break to recharge my batteries.  I’m also looking forward to swimming, walking and having little naps.

 Here are some images courtesy of pinterest of Semara Resort & Spa  in Seminyak which will be my home for these 4 nights.

Have a great weekend all.

Annie x