Hi all,

Mondays can be filled with dread but can also be filled with optimism.  I won’t pretend I purchased the book I’m about to discuss with you today because of an overwhelming feeling of Monday optomism, but I feel Monday is a good day to talk about it.  I had seen Gretchen Rubin’s ‘The Happiness Project’ in Kikki K a few times and I was always drawn to the title (such a great title) and cover which is so simple and sweet.  The Happiness Project is a look at Gretchen’s 12 months ‘test driving’ the wisdom of the ages, current scientific research and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier.  Each month she focused on a particular area in her life and these were:

January: Boost Energy (Vitality)

February: Remember Love (Marriage/Relationship)

March: Aim Higher (Work)

April: Lighten Up (Parenthood)

May: Be Serious About Play (Leisure)

June: Make Time for Friends (Friendship)

July: Buy Some Happiness (Money)

August: Contemplate the Heavens (Eternity)

September: Pursue a Passion (Books)

October: Pay Attention (Mindfullness)

November: Keep a Contented Heart (Attitude)

December: Boot Camp Perfect (Happiness)

I’m only part way through reading the book but I am really enjoying it.  I’ll keep you updated.

Happy Monday all.

Annie x

image courtesy of the happylife.ca

image courtesy of the happylife.ca