Hi all,

Since I started blogging at the beginning of the year I have been searching for an outlet to open a shop minus the retail rent.  It is inspiring to see all these wonderful creative people who seem to have full lives (what, I’m not the busiest person ever?) and just making it happen.  Livin’ the dream!

If they can do it – what is stopping me?  Well the answer to that is ….. drumroll me.  I’ve really enjoying re-exploring this side of myself this year and my little project has come to fruition.  From a child I have been a lover of textiles, paper & typography.  My family will tell you I’m an absolute compulsive cushion/throw buyer & browser.  I also have a love of paper hence my little collection of notebooks and cards that I buy to use as art.  The end product is great quality cards & cushions at fabulous prices.  Each card & cushion is original as only 1 is made of each design (I’m sure I can make up a design that is already sold if you love it).  I make what I love and each item is made with love.  Please come & pay me a visit to my etsy store.

pagefortyone on etsy.

Wishing you all a lovely day.

Annie x

copyright pagefortyone

copyright pagefortyone.