Hi all,

At home on a Sunday afternoon relaxing after coming home from a weekend at the beautiful Pearl Beach  –  a coastal village 90 minutes north from Sydney with a population of under 500 people.  I booked a holiday house for Sonia & I to get away from the ‘busy-ness’ of Sydney, breath some fresh air, walks on the beach, eat good food.  I was fortunate to find this beautiful property Walamba Beach House  which was light, beautifully furnished and had that ‘get away from it all’ feeling.  There is a corner store, a cafe, a beautiful restaurant.  The beach is the star of the little piece of paradise and we were lucky enough to be only 2 mins walk away from house to sand.   We also indulged in a treatment at a spa/wellness centre which was just what was needed followed by dinner on the water at Pearls On The Beach.

Pearl Beach is beautiful to visit alone, with your partner, with family.  We loved it & will definitely be back.

Below are some images of the weekend which I hope you enjoy.

Have a great Sunday.

Annie x

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