Hi all,

24 hours behind schedule in posting…too busy enjoying this AMAZING weather.  I am not normally a gal who loves the summer months, especially that January heat –  but this year I am loving the warmth, the idea of a pool (always comes to mind this time of year despite our house surveyor clearly saying ‘you cannot put a pool in this backyard’), BBQ’s (need to buy one of those pronto and organise someone to put it together for us).  and long afternoons on our deck (which needs to be built).

Anyways, continuing with the theme of capturing Sydney streets I was in Annandale yesterday after taking Zoe to meet her friends for a movie (didn’t I do this last week?)

and I drove past our old house where we lived for 5 years in Wells Street.  Parrallel to Wells St is Nelson Street which is a mixed bag – beautiful renovated homes, unrenovated homes, businesses, coffee shops, the famous Annandale Hotel, beautiful gardens & not so beautiful front gardens.  What makes this street lovely is not only the proximity to great coffee and friendly locals but the the most delightful store – Jim & Jane.  Nelson Street is also lined with beautiful trees – big leafy green trees that have been there for a very long time that shade the street. On a day like yesterday taking pictures was a pleasure.  Here are some images that caught my eye.  Next street may be on the North side.  Keep an eye out.  Happy Monday x


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