Hi all,

On this lovely Sunday afternoon I was on my way to pick up my daughter from her friends place and the light was gorgeous.  I generally always carry my camera with me so I took some photos of an area a few kilometres from our home.  I love the St Peters area, right on the fringe of Newtown but does not have the hussle & bustle of Newtown.  I drive down May Street at least 4 times a week and it is always fascinating.  I have photographed this area before & I’ve added a couple of those shots in as well as the ones from today.  It is home to a pub – the Town & Country (made famous by Slim Dusty), a little corner cafe, artists studios – May Street Studios , a retro store which opens on Saturday, a park and I’m sure a host of other little places which I don’t know about.  Sonia & I went to a party here once in a loft style building – we thought we were in NYC.  It was so bloody fabulous .  Welcome to a very small part of Sydney which I’d love to keep bringing you.  I’m already on the hunt for my new street.  Is there a street you can think of?

Have a great week.

Annie x

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