Hi all,

I’ve been wanting to write a post for ages about our obsession with Danish TV – particularly crime/thriller series.  The Danes just do TV better.  They also do amazing interiors so you not only get to see a great story unfolding but the countryside and homes shown is a double blessing.  Sonia will be deeply entranced (due to the subtitles) & I’ll pipe up and say – ‘wow how amazing is that wall’,’ check out the light’.  ‘Yes Annie its lovely’.

Tonight we start a new series – The Eagle – A Crime Odyssey.  We’ve been fortunate to already have seen – The Killing, Borgen, The Bridge (Danish/Swedish), Wallander (Danish/Swedish) and Anna Pihl.

If you have not indulged in Danish drama before – start now.  You won’t regret it.

Happy Thursday all.

Annie x

The Killing.  Image courtesy of crimetimepreview.com

The Killing – image courtesy of http://www.crimetimepreview.com

Borgen - image courtesy of www.filmmad.nl

Borgen – image courtesy of http://www.filmmad.nl

Wallander - image courtesy of www.crimetimepreview.com

Wallander – image courtesy of http://www.crimetimepreview.com

Anna Pihl - image courtesy of www.dishfrench.com

Anna Pihl – image courtesy of http://www.dishfrench.com