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Hi all,

With thanks to our wonderful friends Richard & Sean, I have been scouring the websites viewing Coconut Beach Resort in Samoa.  They went and stayed there less than 2 years ago and described their accommodation as a tree hut.  On further explanation it is slightly more luxurious however all of our first world problems simply seem to melt away at this magical paradise.  Since explaining their trip to us in more detail over the weekend I have been visualising myself & Sonia dipping into the pool, swimming over to the pool bar (not sure if swimming is the best word!), having a nap, walking on the beach which is a few metres away, coming back to the hut and heading off for dinner on the water.  Maybe an evening swim….

Oh how glorious this sounds.  And even better, it is only a few hours flight away…

Here are some pictures which I’m sure will entice you as well.

Happy Tuesday.

Annie x

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