Hi all,

All day I’ve been watching the clock waiting for the afternoon to arrive so I could make my way over to Bondi Junction to check out West Elm, Pottery Barn & Williams-Sonoma.  I’ve heard about these stores for years on Oprah especially.  If she was giving someone a house she would say that they could fill it with home wares from Pottery Barn.  Nate Berkus too is a fan.  As I’m not an avid online shopper and I like to feel the products, I decided it was of the utmost importance that I get over there tonight!  I would not even attempt to go on Saturday, oh god thinking about it makes me feel anxious.

Well, I’m home now.  The verdict – very nice.  I like a real mix with home wares so I came away with a little item that will compliment other items in No.9.  I know that Sydney will embrace these stores – Brooklyn to Bondi – I’m a yes to that.  Happy Thursday all.

Annie x

All images courtesy of  Vogue Living.