Little Dandelion produce beautiful one of a kind knitted textiles carefully crafted by hand, from the heart, with deep affection, to imbibe with comfort in someones home.


I am in the hunt for some cute jeans and I came across these from Circle of Trust.


Came across a fantastic article on A Cup of Jo written by Lydia Netzer.  15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years takes a commonsense and amusing look at sharing your life with another.  I loved the article and appreciated it’s practical nature.  Sonia & I are unable to get married because same sex marriage is not legalised in Australia however we share our life together and have so for more than 10 years.  The message in this story applies to us as much as to any couple.  Anywho, enough of my political grandstanding!


Currently watching the first episode of the new series ‘The Following’, a psychological thriller starring Kevin Bacon.  It is intense but already hooked.

Have a great day, Annie x

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