The name ‘pagefortyone’ – where did that originate.  It was not anything fascinating really – I just like the number.  Maybe because I am ‘near’ that age!  What I am learning about blogging is that your creativity can be as fluid as you like and initially I wanted to post pictures of books or magazines that reflected the page 41.  Very limiting I know but also interesting.  Every now & then I will post up such a picture and discuss it’s origins.  Enjoy!

The Way.

The Way.

THE WAY – This was my favourite movie of 2012 and I would put it in my top 5 of all time.  I loved everything about this film and of course when the book was released I had it in the trolley before you could say, oh, you know.  I can remember coming out of the cinema saying to Sonia – how good was that, wasn’t that an amazing film?  I know that I really love a book when I keep going back to it, picking it up at any section and re reading it.

Both actors – Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez are incredibly talented and their bond as father and son is so evident on the screen however it takes nothing away from the characters they are portraying.

This page 41 is from The Way.  Beautiful book that you will love.

Annie x