There is no better feeling that waking up on a Saturday or Sunday and head over to Rozelle.  My routine generally goes like this – collect the morning papers, find a little cafe that is not too busy but has a few like minded folk out and about, order my cappuccino, then another.  During this relaxing time I am a keen observer of all that enter the cafe – families, the elderly, girls on a day out, guys returning from a night out.

Then I head over to Rozelle Market.  I had a stall here a number of years ago selling some of my paintings as well as bits & bobs.  I loved it.  I also love being a customer and come away with something that I love that I don’t need –

I think that is part of the joy!


Here are some pictures I have taken whilst at Rozelle Market.

Beautiful flowers for sale.

One of my favourite stalls. Down the back near the cafe cart!

Parking is at a premium in Rozelle. Creativity at it’s best. Parked & selling all in one.

Orange – my favourite colour at the moment.

Winebarrels, handbags, kids books. It’s all here.

Books & tractor wheels.